Arai provides one size outer shell for each two helmet sizes for most models, adding up to five outer shell sizes within limited models, as compared to others who may struggle to reach only three shell sizes. The advantage of using many outer shell sizes is that the inner liner and exterior shell can maintain a closer proportion to the head size inside, rather than padding out an outer shell that is too large for its actual size, avoiding the need to “over-pad” a large shell for a small head or “thin-out” the inner liner of a smaller shell for a large head. In both cases the result is a helmet that is not in proportion with the rider, offering a curious sight. Arai also offers extreme sizes as small as XXXS (Astro- Light) to as large as XXXL (Quantum-ST PRO) offering a perfect fitting helmet for almost any head size, in addition to the many adjustable interior parts. And when even these different sizes are not sufficient, Arai is able to have the helmet individually modified to special requests by our craftsmen for a complete custom fit.


The models in our additional size range are available in plain colours.

Additional sizes





quantum-st pro




vx-pro junior


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