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9-12 November 2017

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WARNING It came to our attention that helmets are offered through websites and other sale channels that are branded ‘’Arai’’ by the well known oval Arai logo and letter font, but are in fact copies of genuine Arai helmets. Please be aware that only helmets offered by Arai authorized dealers are genuine Arai products and are covered by the Arai 5-years limited warranty. These helmets are packed in the white cardboard box with blue striping, original cloth Arai helmet bag, original manual, plastic warning label on the chin strap and small bottle with silicone lubricant. Where applicable genuine helmets are offered complete with Max Vision visor with separate (optional) Pinlock inlay lens packed in the box. Specific models come with the Max Vision PSS visor as standard. If in doubt, please do mail us ( for more information.


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The Arai limited Warranty and after-sales services are offered exclusively to customers in possession of Arai helmets sold through an authorized Arai retailer. Any Arai helmet offered for sale by a non-authorized dealer (particularly over the Internet) may be counterfeit or may be stolen or defective. Therefore Arai declines all responsibility.